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A group of highly trained and dedicated professionals have come together to provide a unique platform to the medical fraternity.

Be it small RMP’s or Big corporate hospitals or stand alone Diagnostic Centers, the platform not only acts as a source of infinite information but also as a single window solution for all and every need of any medical related professional and company.

Buying or selling anything on the net is easy, the problem starts after that. Inspection, removal, installation and after sales support, besides security of the transaction, even trained operators. Medventura provides all and that too at a very nominal fee.

Medventura provides the single largest Medical Consumable window to fulfill all your medical consumable needs on a single window thru a secure and seamless process.

For the Industry, it is the biggest market place to sell everything from consumables, to Equipments and Services , even allied industries like accessories (servo stabilizers, UPS, etc), Freight forwarders, Custom Clearing agents besides Medical Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, all can use this integration platform to take their business to the next level.

The website is easy to navigate and registration is free and easy. So, we suggest you login now and enjoy the benefits.

Legally, Medventura is just a platform provider and is strictly in the business of making the needy people meet, whether buying or selling. Hence, unless specially contracted. Medventura is not responsible for any of the deals as executed here in. For further details, kindly go thru our detailed Terms & Conditions of use.