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Measure Volume Burette set/Micro-drip Set

Item Detail
Consumable Item Category : medical consumables
Manufacturer : JK Medirise
Unit of Measurement : Pieces
Min. Time to Dispatch : 15 Days
Country Of Origin : India
Price Per Unit : INR 24.21 (inclusive of all applicable charges and taxes)
Price Valid Till : 01/04/2017
Other Detail : Measure Volume Burette set/Micro-drip Set: Clear , transparent , flexible Burette type chamber with Air-vent & Micro-dropper with capacity of 150 ml & 110ml Available in Air-Vented/tube latex/Hanger/latex free/Y-injection/Floating Valve/60drop per ml/with needle 23G Individual Packed & ETO Sterilization. We have various specifications available. Also we can customize Measure Volume Burette set as per client’s requirement. Fabricant exportateur Inde plastique médicaux dispositifs jetables canule cathéter gants seringues Aiguilles sutures bandages Oximètre Guidewire Hémostatique Interventionnel intraveineux Introduit Nébuliseur sacs à tubes oxygène stérile Thoracic endotrachéale urine veine veineuses artères stent inflation jk mesureise
Min. Order Quantity : 10000
In Multiples Of : 1
Quantity Required :