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Vacuum Therapy Unit

Slimming Goods
Equipment Name : Vacuum Therapy Unit
Manufacturer : Solution Forever
Listing Date :
: INR 4999.00
Item Location :-
Country : India
Detail :-
Our vacuum therapy unit is used for treating fatty deposits and aesthetically displeasing aspects of cellulite, as well as stimulating circulation, reflexes & muscular contraction. The working function of vacuum therapy is as follows:
1. Creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface & suck the skin b/w the space of cup
2. The spacing b/w two ends of cup adapt to the fold of the skin
3. The suction cup moves resulting in rolling and massaging of the skin field to ensure unique "massage-roller-suction" action For applications on small areas like arms, & calves small cup is recommended whereas the large one is efficient on extended areas such as thigh, buttocks & back. This assists in production of collogen and fibre plast.
Some of the technical specifications of our range are as follows:
Input Supply : 220VAC,
Vacuum Max : 50Hz 20-25 inch Hg
Digital Timer : 0-99 min
1 Vacuum Cup
1 Main Cord
1 Tube