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Heating Blanket for Slimming and Physiotherapy Treatment

Heating Goods
Equipment Name : Heating Blanket for Slimming and Physiotherapy Treatment
Manufacturer : Solution Forever
Listing Date :
: INR 13999.00
Item Location :-
Country : India
Detail :-
Detoxifies and burns fat.Quickens lipolysis. Remove unwanted fats in your Tummy, waist, hip and four limbs.Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons etc.; activates hormonesSpeeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients.Acts as physical therapy for myalgia & neurosis. Balances the autonomic nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid and the liver.Improves the immune system and prevents growth of cancer cells.Diminishes inflammation.Speeds up metabolism so that improves functioning of organs, such as liver, intestine and stomachEliminate intense and pressure of life and promote working efficiencyRecuperates insufficiency physiological exercise, promotes sleep and sleepiness